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Hi All,
I am visually impared and am trying to install fedora.

I have tried the telnet install and that does not work for some reason.

I waited until the cd had stopped spinning (all the while pressing the f
key to keep the timeout from occurring), cleared the boot line (or what
I assume is the boot line), then  typed the following:

linux text telnet ip= netmaks=
gateway= ksdevice=link

I only have one ethernet device (on a desktop machine), but thought I'd
include the directive anyways.

The CD spun for a while then stopped, but no ping requests were

Any ideas why this isn't working?

Also, I used to install with braille, using a braillified installer CD
created by someone from the brltty comunity, but I cannot get in touch
with anyone from brltty, and there is no braillified installer. How
would I go about installing brltty onto a boot disk for fedora, any

I booted both from the netinst and disc1 CDs, and nothing has worked.

Cheers for your help.

Chris Norman <[email protected]>

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