Re: How secure is Preupgrade? Answer: Not.

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Björn Persson wrote:
stan wrote:
If anaconda uses rpm to do the upgrade, there is a blurb in the man file
stating that rpm automatically does the md5 check on install.  I think
these are signed with a Fedora specific key, so they would fail if they
weren't official or were tampered with.
Checking the MD5 sum detects accidentally corrupted packages. To detect that a
package has been tampered with you have to check the PGP signature. A bad guy
can easily generate a new MD5 sum for his modified package. He can't generate
a new PGP signature unless he has a private key that corresponds to one of
the public keys that are loaded in your local RPM database.
But as the installer may have been tampered with, it may have inserted the bad
guy's own key in your RPM database, or it may have installed a modified RPM
that says everything is OK, or any other nasty stuff. I don't think the
probability is all that high, but the possibility is there.
Björn Persson

Thanks for clarifying this.  Looks like it is back to DVD. :-(

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