Re: Build Nvidia driver for Fedora 9, AMD?

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On Mon, 2008-05-19 at 09:06 -0700, Michael Hannon wrote:
> My interest in this situation is that we have many computers at the place where I work that have Nvidia cards.  This was not part of any grand plan -- it's just that Nvidia happened to be the vendors' card of choice when we bought the systems.  I don't think any of our Fedora systems actually came with Fedora on it.
> If I understand correctly, security updates are available only for the two most-recent versions of Fedora.  In that case, Fedora 7 and earlier are no longer supported.  Is that correct?

AFAIR, F7 will EOL in a ~month.
F8 will be supported till Dec/08.

> We kickstart all of our Fedora systems so as to minimize the disruption of the rapid turnover of the software, but now we have to choose between securing the systems and having the systems fully functional for our end users.  Not a happy situation.

If you rather have long term support for your users (reducing the
noise), you should really consider switching to RHEL/CentOS.

> Is there any chance that xorg 1.5 (or whatever the non-beta version is) will be available as an update to Fedora 9 once it becomes available?

Most certainly so.

Beyond that, I'd venture and guess that nVidia will release an
unofficial X-server 1.4.999-compatible beta driver ASAP.

> Thanks.
> -- Mike

- Gilboa
P.S. Please don't top-post.

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