Re: Problem with NV driver and Fedora 9

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Am Sonntag, den 18.05.2008, 12:34 -0500 schrieb Daniel Auger:
> To work around this, I booted the recovery console and switched the
> driver in xorg.conf from "nv" to "vesa". The vesa driver allows me to
> boot into Fedora and go about my business, but it is painfully slow
> when trying to watch video, so I'd like to get the nv driver working
> if at all possible.

I had that "out of sync" problem with my nVidia Corporation GeForce 7100 GS (rev a1).

What I did:

- Installed F9.
- Booted without "rhgb" on the grub kernel line
- Configured the system (fedora initial configuration)
- ctrl-alt-f1
- login as root
- init 3
- change xorg.conf, device driver to "nv" (originally detected vesa).
- # su - rodolfo (thats my daily username)
- $ startx -- -ignoreABI (started fine)
- end that gnome session
- init 5

Now, is working fine. Hope the nvidia driver come soon...

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du etwas richtig machst."
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