Re: f9 http install, missing file for texlive-dviutils

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On Sat, 2008-05-17 at 10:54 +0800, David Timms wrote:
> After f8 preupgrade, I booted in the installer, and began the upgrade.
> It's got to 0 progress of :
> Starting install process. This may take several minutes...
> An error is shown:
> The file texlive-dviutils-2007-30-fc9.i386.rpm cannot be opened. This
> is due to a missing file, corrupt package or corrupt media. Please
> verify your installation source.
> If you exit, you system will be left in an inconsistent state that
> will likely require reinstallation.
> ===
> The problem is that the file does not exist in the Fedora/i386/os part
> of mirrors; it is in Everything/i386/os. I'd rather not bomb out of
> the install process, and I can access the VT2 prompt to download it
> manually from the correct location. But can I trick anaconda into
> using said file ?
> DaveT.

I made a similar post a couple of hours ago but my file of problem was
libsexy and I was doing an x64 install.  When I checked the mounted iso
file the libsexy file was present.

I finally used the same iso file to create a DVD and used it to make the
install.  My thought was that there might be a problem with the
netinstall disk.


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