Re: How long does it take Anaconda to write / format new partition table (F9)

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> The raid disk controller is from Nvidia (I was also surprised to see
> that they do something besides graphics.) However, I am NOT using any

Nvidia do chipsets and just about every chipset controller today also has
a software raid mode for the BIOS to use which may look hardware but
rarely is. With PCI Express thats actually a good design as you have
independant links to each bus device.

> The problem is that it is OVER AN HOUR sitting at  "Write changes to disk".
> The mouse pointer is frozen.
> Should I wait longer?

Probably not.

> Any advice on this for the next try? (I don't want the installer to
> grab all disk space, if I have a choice.)

Boot it in text mode ("linux text") for the install and you will see any
diagnostics that may get spewed out when it hangs.


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