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g wrote:
> Daniel J Walsh wrote:
>> touch /.autorelabel
>> reboot
> be glad to.
> i am not f8 system, but in m2k8 system that i use for internet and is not
> link in any way to other systems. therefore i can not check for file, nor do
> i recall seeing, so i will have to reboot to it.
> from cmd, it appears that this will place a file '.autorelabel' in root path,
> not in root's directory.
> also, being locked out, i can not check 'man' paths to see if '.autorelabel'
> or 'autorelabel' is described.
> if not what acts on this file and what does it do?
> no need to reply if it is there.
You want to create the file .autorelabel in the / directory.  This tells
the init scripts to relabel on reboot.

You could also just execute

# fixfiles restore

Which will fix the labels but processes running with the incorrect
context will require a reboot.
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