Terminal Emulators: Support for Horiz-Scrolling and Ansi Esc Seq.?

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I have been scratching my head on this question and
wondered if there is a Terminal Emulator (TE) program that
supports both Horizontal-Scrolling (HS) as well as Ansi
Escape Sequences (AES).
Via my previous postings, it was discovered that full AES code
worked on xterm and konsole, but not on Gnome-Terminal (GT).
Ok, no biggie as I can use xterm but GT needs fixing or at least
tell me how to get blinking to work on GT. But still, none of the
above mentioned TEs supports HS.
After searching all over the Internet, I had hints that xterm does
support HS, but I could be deluded, or it does not exist, or I just
have not been able to figure out how to enable it.
Can anyone tell me what TE is available that supports HS & AEQ?
Many thanks,

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