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please excuse delay in reply, had a non ups system problem. and please do not
take offense to replies.

> On Wednesday 30 April 2008 01:00:32 pm Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> It could be the time it take to switch between line power and
>> battery. It tends to be more common with fully loaded power
>> supplies. There is not enough reserve in the filter caps or
>> something to carry over the loss of a cycle or two. A UPS that
>> will also compensate for line voltage tends to have less of a
>> problem with this because there isn't the abrupt changeover.

this is incorrect. ups = uninterruptible power supply.

dc to ac conversion is done with mains floating battery and ac conversion
circuit draws power form battery. this is what maintains continuous ac
output with out interruption.

dwight at wrote:
> I concur. Also, my experience with APC UPS's is that they generally 
> didn't become real UPS's until their SMART model (and above) series,

note above. they did not become smart until 'smart' models came out.

in my ups collection, i use; network powercell, smart-ups 600, back-ups rs 800.

to save any flaming and clear up confusions, have a look at: {{ for other than u.s. locations

after which,

	may all your down time be for updates and upgrades.

peace out.

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