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At least attempt to comprehend what I stated before trying to discuss

I stated that the Linux ecosystem in 2007 was estimated at around $45
billion, that means that the companies listed on are making about $45 billion
annually currently, and that number is GROWING.

Sorry RedHat wasn't greedy enough for you, but the thing is, they
believe they shouldn't OWN the code and keep it to themselves. They make
their money from giving software away, then charging for SUPPORT. I'd
say they're a pretty large company considering that fact...

Anyways, please fix your e-mail client, mailing lists are supposed to be
orderly, your post started a new thread, thus making it hard to
follow... if you can't at least do that, don't expect anymore replies
from me.

On Sun, 2008-04-27 at 10:42 -0700, Paul Shaffer wrote:
> Funny you cite numbers like $45B in a discussion about Fedora.  It seems rather specious to make such remarks with a Redhat market cap of about $4B and revenues amounting to a paltry $76M.  That shows you just how irelevant Redhat is.  And getting more so every day.
> You true believers in the one pure Linux should get your numbers straight before attempting to ply the ignorant society and lazy users with market-based numbers to support of your OS strategy delusion. 

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