Re: postgres startup blues: pre-existing shared memory block (key 5432001, ID 0) is still in use

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Dear Folks,

On 26/04/08 16:35 +1000, Dan wrote:
Did this behavior begin after doing some updates?
Yes; Fedora comes with bucketloads of updates; todays include all the following:
$ sudo tail -n 35  /var/log/yum.log | awk '{print $5}' | tr '[\n]' '[ ]'
firefox gnome-python2-extras system-config-network-tui
system-config-network firefox-devel seamonkey libxml2 libvirt libicu libvirt-python yelp
gnome-python2-gtkhtml2 inkscape libxml2-python gnome-python2-gtkspell
gnome-python2-libegg xorg-x11-drv-ati chkrootkit traceroute libxml2-devel NetworkManager
NetworkManager-glib NetworkManager-gnome

Can you try with an older kernel?
Yes, and it doesn't start.  I've rebooted back to the new kernel.

I'm currently running kernel- and postgresql without
So was I until I foolishly rebooted!

I would really like some hints towards troubleshooting shared memory,
not just to get this sorted, but to gain the tools to solve similar
problems in the future.
Nick Urbanik   RHCE        [email protected]
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