Re: Anyone know the LVM UUID Format?

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Timothy Selivanow wrote:
Does anybody off hand know the format that is used by LVM, as it isn't
standard UUID obviously.  Is it just 6-4-4-4-4-4-6 of [a-zA-Z0-9]?  Or
is it derived from a valid 8-4-4-4-12 [a-f0-9]?  Does it have any
metadata embedded in it, e.g. creation time, host, etc., similar to some
of the UUID generation methods?

I want to be able to generate random UUIDs for use in LVM, but
genuuid(1) can't output in the LVM format so I'll need to make a script
if a tool doesn't currently exist to do this.  I've tried to search for
this on google, but "LVM UUID format" or generator or script or standard
doesn't come up with anything useful.
I would bet if you get the source code for lvcreate or vgcreate it has the exact
code it is using to generate it.

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