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Langdon Stevenson wrote:
Roger Heflin wrote:
Néstor wrote:
I have a situation where I have 36 Gigs of ram on a machine and I could only
see 4 Gigs
then I installed the PAE kernel and I can only see 24 Gigs. I have a ticket
opened with
Red Hat to see what they recommend.


If that is a 64-bit capable machine, you should run 64-bit on it, you
can run 32-bit userspace stuff, but if you run a 32-bit os with that
kind of ram you run into all sorts of issues with the machine running
out of the 800-900MB of lowmem and this causes fatal issues even those
massive amounts of highmem are available. You will have enough
issues with 32-bit and lots of ram to make it worth considering the
64-bit stuff.

I recently upgraded from F7 to F8 and went with the 32 bit F8 version rather than the 64 F7 due to the significant difficulties I had with FireFox/Flash/Java.
I had installed another 2 Gig of RAM just prior to the upgrade and it
showed up fine under F7 64bit.
However on F8 32bit I can only see 3.2 gig of my RAM. It is not a huge
problem as I don't use it all. The 64 version of F7 used to gobble up
all of my RAM occasionally (I could never figure out why, or what
application was responsible). That problem vanished with the 32 bit F8
and 32 bit apps.
It is interesting though that when the 64 v's 32 bit question has been
asked on this list that I have never heard this memory limit mentioned
(I may have missed it though). Perhaps it is just that RAM is now
soooooo cheap that it is only just becoming an issue.
Still. Looks like a really good reason to go with 64 bit next time I do
an upgrade!
I didn't get all my RAM even with 64 bit, so don't bet the farm on it working.
Bill Davidsen <[email protected]>
  "We have more to fear from the bungling of the incompetent than from
the machinations of the wicked."  - from Slashdot

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