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Luke Sheldrick wrote:
Hi all,

I use fedora 8 on a couple of my remote servers, desktops and my laptop, and all are absolutely fine.
Tonight I set out to build a new NAS server, and again used FC8, this
time however I install x.
The problem now is, the box is unreachable until I log in at the
terminal, I assume this is something to do the the NM Applet needs to
Is there a way to get around this?


I presume that you mean that it does not respond to the network which
means that the network script wasn't run at boot time, at least usually
it does.
Ensure that the file /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S10network exists and is a symbolic
link to /etc/init.d/network. If it does exist then I don't understand
the problem and if it doesn't exist you may have answered some
installation question incorrectly. If it doesn't exist go ahead and make
the link and see what happens when you reboot. That should make the
system accessible but it won't do anything about logins and other stuff.
John Cornelius
Cardiff by the Sea

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