Re: machine is freezing all the time, cannot do anything

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Antonio Olivares wrote:
--- max <[email protected]> wrote:

Antonio Olivares wrote:
Dear all,

As I send this message, I run the risk of it not
getting to where it should.  The machine is
freezing.  I cannot do anything with it anymore :(

What should I do to troubleshoot it?

Here's smoltProfile:

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Suggestions/Advice/Comments/Welcome :)

I tried to install the update, but the machine
and did not accept them :(

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A memory test has already been suggested, check the
harddrive as well but actually if you could provide some more info as to what led up to this it might help. Notice any strange behavior? crashing apps? random crashing? Recently installed software or hardware? The driver for your video card is listed as unknown. Providing the smolt profile is good but there are still plenty of unknowns. How does it do running on the older kernel(there should be one installed).


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Memory Test passes, I ran it for 1 hour and a half, no
problems encountered memory is fine.  Machine just
freezes, it does not matter, if I run Fedora, Windows
or Slax.  All of them freeze.  Machine just stops,
Caps Lock light and Scroll Lock Light on keyboard
blink back and forth.  Today I gave it the ultimate
test, and it froze about 3 times during the day.  Do
not know what is wrong with the machine, maybe it is a
harware problem.



Given that Windows and Fedora freeze, there is no *MAYBE* about it, you have a hardware problem.
What is the mean time between freezes (average)? Figure that out, and you need
to run memtest several times that long. Running memtest for 1.5 hours is not
that good a test.
Make sure your CPU temps are good, and that your cpu fan is connected properly
and spinning ok, and that your CPU heat sink is not coated with dust.

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