Re: umask + newgrp in ~/.bashrc creates bash processes in infinite loop.

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On Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 10:46:11AM +0200, Michal wrote:
> > Hi Mikal, 
> >                What exactly are you trying to do in .bashrc? You don't
> > explain that to us. It would help to know why you are doing these
> > things. Later, 
> I would like to switch to supplementary group, just after log in.

newgrp spawns a new shell, that will execute newgrp, spawning a new
shell, that will execute newgrp, ... You get the idea.

Either change the primary group for the user in /etc/passwd, or make
newgrp conditional:

[ $(id -gn) = svn ] || exec newgrp svn


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