Re: kdenlive on fedora? (best video editor missing from fedora)

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On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 2:13 PM, Claude Jones <[email protected]> wrote:
> On Mon April 7 2008, Valent Turkovic wrote:
>  > Hi,
>  > is anybody using kdenlive on fedora? And if you are how did you
>  > install it? From which repository or how did you compile it?
>  > I heard in tlts podcast [1] that it is the best video editor
>  > (interview with Dan Sawyer who is a Linux writer and does professional
>  > video production). Please listen to this podcast if you are looking
>  > into video editing on linux because there is ton of information and
>  > comparison between all video editor for linux desktop.
>  The BLAG developer (Fedora derived distro) made similar claims a year and a
>  half ago or so, and compiled it for BLAG, which meant you could install it in
>  a similar versioned Fedora. I wasn't very impressed with it, and I do editing
>  for a living. I tried to load every video file I have on my machine and it
>  kept giving me errors saying the formats were incompatible. The layout seemed
>  nice enough, and I finally got it to work on some clips, but, I don't see the
>  excitement. It did the things it could do well, but it was lacking in many
>  basic features. I think the BLAG developer reached the same conclusion
>  because he seemed to cease supporting it after awhile - maybe it was a
>  dependency issue, but, I never heard much more about it from that quarter,
>  and I just checked his repo and didn't see it.
>  Cinelerra is the most capable of the editors I've tried, and I've tried them
>  all, but, it has many quirks and bugs, and features that don't work, and it
>  has a steep learning curve, but there are many guerilla producers around the
>  world regularly using it to make everything from home video to indie films.
>  Cinelerra can be installed from freshrpms...
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>  Claude Jones
>  Brunswick, MD, USA
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I would understand that kind of comment from somebody who doesn't use
and video tools - as you suggested a BLAG maintener. But when I heat
it from Dan Sawyer who is a Linux writer and does professional video
production then that is completely different story. He did claim that
you need to compile kdenlive from source in order to make new features
work because in older releases you couldn't even separate audio from
video. Also video framework MLT that kdenlive uses has gone through
mayor changes in past few months.
BLAG linux is over year old and stuck at fedora 7 release so I
wouldn't give them a look if they don't plan to update to F9.

So I would love to try for myself and see how kdenlive looks and
works. If a linux video professional says that kdenlive is great I
guess he knows what he is taking about because he is putting his money
where his mouth is and using it in production.

I have been to cinelerra workshop and love it! But I would also try
other tools if somebody packages it for fedora.


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