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On Mon, 2008-04-07 at 09:36 +1000, Da Rock wrote:
> As for computers; what really gets on my goat is that they're not put to
> full use. We originally put men on the moon with them, we have games
> that are semi intelligent that we compete against, and YET we still use
> them simply as a typewriter or communication device. Yes, they can be
> used as this, but they have so much grunt these days they could be doing
> the mundane of our tasks in life. Stupid M$ has made our machines dumb,
> and our computers still run as slow as they did under 3.1 with all the
> shit they put in the software.
> Thats why SETI and other boinc projects can use our collective wasted
> computing power as a supercomputer more powerful than one put to
> dedicated use. Really seems silly doesn't it? We dreamed of geek houses
> in the seventies and eighties, and still we haven't got there- and not
> due to the lack of technology...

I tend to sway the other direction.  We're all too quick at throwing
computing into areas where it doesn't really belong.  e.g. Schools seem
to think that putting a computer somewhere is the answer, never mind
that personal teaching would be more appropriate.  School's as much an
exercise in learning social skills and doing what you're supposed to be
doing, as it is in learning how to do math, etc.  And what do we do with
the students sorely lacking in social skills?  Put them on a computer,
often flying solo...

Then there's the home situation.  In days gone past, the most difficult
technical thing anyone had to do at home was get the television to show
a decent picture.  Now we do have computers in media centres that make
you jump through hoops to try and connect two devices together in a way
that works.  Digital video that doesn't work across different things
because of imcompatible techniques (I hesitate to refer to them as
"standards").  Recorders that forever blink 12:00 at you.  Digital
receivers that stutter and repeat where analogue receivers give near
perfect results.  Computerised washing machines that aren't any better
than the old ones, even worse if you want to do something simple like
repeat one cycle because something went wrong.  And that Pile of Crap
running Windows that spews viruses and spam around the world.

Our leisure time has gone from enjoying the company of friends, reading
a book, listening to music, watching a film, to spending lots of time
and money maintaining a plethora of technology at home, or just putting
up with it not working right.

(This computer runs FC7, my others run FC4, FC5 & FC6, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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