Re: What's all the hype over Ubuntu?

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2008/3/26 Arch Willingham <[email protected]>:

I first started dabbling with Linux about three years ago. The way I ended up using Fedora was it was the first link I clicked on that worked (I think it was FC3). Since that time, I have around fifteen machines running it. All of them run FC8 except my laptop which, as of yesterday, is running the beta of FC9.


With that said, I have never seen any other version of Linux running except Fedora. What's all the hype around Ubuntu? I realize I could download an install a copy but I never really saw any reason to since FCx seems to work great.



I'm not trying to start a battle of which is better…just trying to get an idea of why its seems so popular.





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Their marketing seems to have worked well. 'Linux for humans'. Also their free CD drops and active forums do alot to help.

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