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On Monday 24 March 2008 00:43:44 Gerhard Magnus wrote:
> I'm trying to set up an NFS file server on one of the boxes on my LAN
> and have gotten stuck. On the server, I used system-config-nfs to create
> the following /etc/exports file:
> /home/magnusg/music,sync),sync)
> to allow the other three boxes r/w access to the
> directory /home/magnusg/music on the server (
> Also on the server, I used system-config-services to start nfs and
> nfslock on run levels 3 and 5. Then I checked NFS4 on the firewall
> configuration widget system-config-firewall to open tcp and udp ports
> 2049. Then I rebooted the server.
> On one of the clients I then did (as root):
> mkdir /mnt/PuteF
> mount /mnt/PuteF
> and got the error message:
> mount: mount to NFS server '' failed: System Error: No route
> to host
> I'm guessing I need to open more ports, but which ones and where? The
> four boxes are connected to a Linksys router.
> Thanks for the help! --Jerry


Try turning your firewall off completely for a while - "service iptables stop" 
or "service ip6tables stop" will do it from the shell.

I don't bother with firewalls on my internal network machines, but then my 
kids are only young!

If turning it off makes nfs work then turn it back on using service iptables 
start and send the output from service iptables status to the list.


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