Re: PCMCIA wireless card that "works out of the box"?

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Tom Freeman wrote:
On 03/20/2008 10:49:05 AM, Phil Rhoades wrote:
People, I have been struggling with a Linksys wpc54g card and I have pretty
given up on it - I just want something that works reliably and "out
the box" with native Linux (Fedora 8) support - instead of using
NDISwrapper etc. I am not trying to start a flame war, I just want
suggestions about well supported cards. Thanks,
I can't offer good advise here - for my pcmcia card I bought and tried until I got something that worked. Kind of an expensive method...
As a tangent, however, can a business case be made for Red Hat to
develop / market a proper open source wireless adapter line? I realize
that the retail channel hasn't been Red Hat's strongest effort over the
years, so I will not hold my breath.

The best pcmcia card for Linux is the "Orinoco Gold Card" by Lucent Tech.
Go onto Ebay > Computers and Type in "Orinoco Gold Card" and you can pick one up for $10-20 . Linux Auto detects this card with no hesitation . I use these cards in my PC's with a PCI to PCMCIA adapter. To get the right adapter if you go that way is a "Model PCIPC" It has A Icon of a Texas Instruments on the main chip.

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