Re: xdg-utils vs GNOME/XFCE (Fedora 8)

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wwp wrote:

>> > I can't get some custom MIME settings to work in GNOME and XFCE. When I
>> > set them using xdg-utils and the xdg-mime command I use returns 0.
>> > konqueror even acknowledges the changes. I tried restarting my GNOME
>> > and XFCE sessions, but my custom MIME types are not effective in
>> > nautilus and thunar.
>> kde (v3 anyway) uses a different MIME system than gnome/xfce(*), so
>> setting a mimetype within a kde3 session affects *only* kde (and
>> like-wise setting a mime association from within gnome/xfce won't touch
>> kde).
> Well, except that I don't use a KDE-specific way to define MIME, I use
> xdg-utils, which are - tell me if I'm wrong - supposed to do it for
> KDE/GNOME/whatever desktops they support and are installed?

OK, you're wrong.  :)  That's not how xdg-utils (mime support anyway),
works, I'm afraid.

It operates on whichever desktop you're currently in (only), not on all
desktops currently installed.

-- Rex

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