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Jonathan Underwood wrote:
On 17/03/2008, Timothy Murphy <[email protected]> wrote:
John W. Linville wrote:

 >>> > Well if I out my mouse pointer on the nm-applet icon I get the
 >> > Wireless Network Connection to ??? (98%)
 >> > I assume 98% is a measure of signal strength.
 >> I can't think of anything it could possibly be 98% of ...
 > That's probably because you are intentionally obtuse, and apparently
 > on a jihad against NetworkManager...

I'm unintentionally obtuse.
 What is this signal strength 98% of?

I'd guess it means that 98% of the transmitted signal intensity is
being received by the wireless card. Although I have to admit, I do
wonder how that is calculated, and whether it takes into account the
1/r^2 fall off of signal emitted in the full sphere.

This explains it pretty well:

It may be more than you want to know.

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