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On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 22:56 -0500, pursley1@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Just a quick question.  I just noticed that there is no installed gnome 
> software anywhere in the menus to view the print que for any printer.  
> Am I missing something or is it not installed by default?  There isn't 
> even a mention of it anywhere in the help files.  The CUPS print manager 
> doesn't even have a tab or button for viewing what is in the que that I 
> can tell.

If you don't have the printer icon in the system tray, you can view the
print queue with Applications->System Tools->Manage Print Jobs -- but
note, you'll probably have to enable this menu item first using
System->Preferences->Look and Feel->Main Menu.  It is disabled by
default because the system tray printer icon already provides this


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