Re: Install F8 on USB stick instead of hard disk: problem

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Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Joachim Backes wrote:

for experimenting purposes, I installed F8 on a 4GB USB stick
(2 partitions: P1 for "/" with ext3/3 GB, and P2: swap), and not on HD.

The installation was performed without problem, after install I could reboot, the grub boot prompt appeared, I could select my os, but then grub said: error 15 (file not found).
May it be that P1 should be formatted as fat16?


Joachim Backes

The problem is probably with the BIOS mapping of the drive
Hi Mikkel,

exactly this was the problem: I changed (hd2,0) into (hd0,0) in /boot/grub/menu.lst.
After this, F8 booted from my USB stick, and grub did not complain about missing files.

(Had nothing to do with the FS type of / on the boot stick - it is ext3 formatted).

I think, this installation could be an alternative for a Live CD.

Many thanks for your advice.


Joachim Backes

When you
boot from a CD/DVD or your hard drive to do the install, the USB stick is the last BIOS drive. But when you tell the BIOS to boot from the USB stick, the stick is the first BIOS drive. So Grub is looking for its files in the wrong place. There is an option at the end of the expert install to fix this.
You can also fix this after installation by booting from the install
media in the rescue mode, changing the grub config to make the USB stick
hd0, (change hd1 or hd2 to hd0 in grub.config) and reinstalling Grub.
(This has been covered on the list more then once...)

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