[Centos] vsftpd ignores settings

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I have a Centos 4.6 installation. It's running a ftp service using
vsftpd as it is delivered with the distro. The machine is definitely
only visible within our network, which is trustful.

I'd like to allow anonymous uploads. vsftpd allows to change the
ownership of files being uploaded anonymously with the options
chown_uploads and  chown_username. If set the first to YES and the
second to  "ftpuploader". The user ftpuploader exists and has the uid 500.

My problem: all files and directories that are created get the ownership
of the user and group "ftp".

With "ps -efH" I can see that vsftpd uses the correct configuration
file. I cannot find any log messages that indicate any errors or

Do you have any idea?? What could prevent vsftpd from using the username
which I've specified?

Thanks and greets


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