Re: WinXP on anotther partition running as guest OS: is it possible (for free)?

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Phil Meyer wrote:
Andre Costa wrote:

I have here Fedora 8 and WinXP on the same machine. I use XP mostly
for gaming, but every once in a while I have to edit some Word docs
sent by clients on MS Word. ... As much as I wish, OpenOffice isn't
just there yet, sometimes it messes with the docs, I already tried
this and received complaints about format changes. It sucks, and
eventually there will be 100% compatibility, but there's still some
ground to cover.

According to VMWare Workstation FAQ I could run my installed XP as a
guest system, but I was wondering if there was no free alternative,
since it costs USD 189,00 and I will only need it every once in a

Anyone solved a similar problem? Any advice on what to use and what to
avoid? Any pitfalls?



qemu and qemu-kvm are alternatives. They perform better (IMO) then the
commercial offerings, especially if you have a kvm compatible CPU.
kvm and xen are a bit rough around the edges. I'm running f9alpha at
present (trying to get past my problems with xen and kvm). I don't have
a running kernel-xen, and my kvm virtual machines (debian, Centos 5.1
install) both stall after a while, the latter well before it's installed).
otoh virtual PC under Windows works quite well.

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