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[email protected] wrote:
Does anyone know what modules I have to build into a kernel to get sound
to work with VMWare?

If I use a default kernel, where everything seems to have been built as a module
then sound works.

When I build a specific kernel (to turn on PPS) I only turn on those sound modules
I need to get sound with Linux, and I dont get sound with VMWare.

I guess I could turn everything on, but that seems to be inelegant.
And I guess I could start with everything on, and start playing halvsies, - turning
some off till I see what is needed, but that would take forever.

So, if someone knows which modules are needed, I would appreciate the info.
Sounds like a question for the VMware forums. However, why not take a good
running VMware system, run lsmod and go from there?

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