Problems creating a new user

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Hi All,


            We work in a University environment with users all users having homes on centrally located server, with computers running around the campus. We are running Fedora Core 5, 6, 7 (kind of a mix). All of the homes are shared via NFS, with NIS doing being used for the auto.home to mount homes when a user logs on to the system. All of the systems use LDAP and are part of our Windows Active Directory, for password authentication.


            Recently I needed to create a new home for a user (I crated the home on the server) then had the user log into Fedora with her Windows account information. Instead of crating all of the “DOT” files and profile settings etc. The desktop just complained that it could not find the files it needed and would not continue. I checked to make sure that she has full access to the directory (home) and that it is owned by the right user. Still it will not create the right files. I have tried coping the files from another user and changing owner to this user, yet the system still refused to access the files, complaining that they did not match and could not find X.


            Any ideas?


            Thanks in Advance.





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