Re: ssh without password?

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On 23Feb2008 03:08, Timothy Murphy <[email protected]> wrote:
| When I ssh into machine B from machine A, I am asked for my password.
| But when I ssh into A from B, I am not.
| In both cases, from the other machine
| has been added to authorized_keys .
| And I see no difference in sshd_config or ssh_config .
| So why am I asked for my password when ssh-ing into B?

Examine /var/log/secure on machine B. It should shed some light on
things. Also do your ssh with the -v option - you should see which
authentication methods are being attempted. If your key is not being
used, that will be apparent then. If it is being used but rejected, that
will be apparent and the /var/log/secure file on machine B should say
why. I presume you're using an ssh-agent?
Cameron Simpson <[email protected]> DoD#743

A Guru is not one who simply knows all the answers.  Rather, a Guru is like
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