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Am Montag, den 18.02.2008, 14:11 -0400 schrieb Rodolfo Alcazar Portillo:
> Didn't understand clearly your long post. Seems a quite new model. Did
> you google?
> +linux there
> can you see some kernel compilation options. Anyway, try adding
> "noacpi"
> on the kernel line in grub for the acpi problem. About the keyboard,
> no
> idea. Maybe you can find something on your bios to change to legacy
> support. What bout using xev to setkeycodes? xmodmap?
thanks for the message, iam googled already, and found the same stuff
already too. it seems, that only the rebuilding of the kernel is a
solution to avoid the annoying hang on boot. some poeple in #fedora
means that a own compilation of a kernel is a waste of time... but how
change this behavior? i dunno.

xev do not recognice the key. setkeycode doesnt working because
getkeymap doesnt tell me the right scancode. i have experiemented around
a lot of hours and read some howtos about. xmodmap is useless afaik if
the previos steps not preceeded.

thanks for supporting me.


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