Fedora has not only sound related trouble

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Hi all,

If I should say the plain truth I have this trouble with every new distro on my machine (Fedora, Ubuntu, Pclinux, Mint and so on) till 2006 all as worked fine.
My machine is made in 2001 and refurbished in 2003 due to
the MOBO and PROCESSOR burning as follow:
Mobo                  Gigabyte
Processor             Athlon64 +3400 2,2GHz
Hard disk             2x Pata Maxtor 80GB
Video Card            ATI Radeon 9550
Memory                2x 512MB DDR PC400
Monitor               MEDION MD9615 AF LCD 15"
Wireless PCI adapter  D-Link DWL-G520+ (Chipset TI ACX111)

Now comes the troubles.

I've tried starting also Fedora 7 and 8 with the same results:
System Crashes after some minute the desktop comes up no
way to make it restarting with ctrl+alt+backspace or to
stop the machine with ctrl+alt+del no way to obtain a
login text console with ctrl+alt+functionkey THE ONLY WAY
is to reset using the switch on the case.
The above mentioned problem gives, it alone, a good reason
to leave Fedora at his own destiny becase it shows fedora
is not capable to make every system working properly.
But my mail would be an input to improve Fedora so now the
other lacks of this distro:
No drivers included for my wireless pci card even if the
are opensource from ACX Project.
 (I don't look for a distro if I have in every case to
recompile the kernel to activate my hardware support and I
won't waste my time writing here).
Second NDISWRAPPER which's a great piece of software and
could help me to solve the support lacks using proprietary
drivers I have onto the original D-Link support cd is not
installed in Fedora.
Thats all.
If Fedora would become the best and most used Linux distro has a lot to walk.

Hai tempo fino al 31/03/2008 per azzerare i costi di attivazione:
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