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On Thu, 2008-02-07 at 14:42 -0800, Leslie Satenstein wrote:
> I have jpilot installed, when I went to sync, it cleared the palm
> pilot.
> I had a backup on a second system.  Is there a way for me to safely
> reload the palm software using jpilot.
> Under File, there is an export command.
> I have also created  a backup that is in a separate library.
> Just how to get jpilot direction to work properly.
> Thanks
> Once synced, it works fine.
I am not sure about jpilot but what I know about palms and using them on
more than one computer is that you have to be really careful with the
'conduits' before you connect the palm to a new software system.

The conduits generally represent various options for each module
(addresses, calendar, todo list, etc.) such as:

copy from computer to palm (where the computer data replaces whatever is
on the palm)
copy from palm to computer (where the palm data replaces whatever is in
the computer)
synchronize palm to computer (copy palm data to computer and computer
data to palm)
do nothing (backup data only, don't synchronize data in either

Thus you need to double check what the options are set first before you

I would generally just connect and backup on the first pass (do nothing)
just to see it get backed up

Is this what you were asking about?


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