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On Thu, 2008-01-31 at 08:18 +0000, Chris Jones wrote:
> > 
> > Some issues were with the kernel, some with the layering of device 
> > detection when the connection is made or at boot time.  Regardless, 
> > fedora doesn't have to ship a broken kernel just because it exists.
> This is what Fedora does, it tries to stay right on the edge and often 
> tries out the newest stuff first. Sometimes it breaks thinks. So be it, 
> things like that can happen. 'Someone' has to try things first and 
> Fedora chooses to be one of those distros which does. If you don't like 
> it go somewhere else, there are plenty others which don't do this, but 
> stop complaining as your gripes are really starting to sound old now.

Chris, there is some substance to what he's saying. At RedHat we used
ssh and cipe for working at home away from the office. It was slick. I
haven't had need to use it since, but the entire support team used it
and your passwords were established when you were hired. I've noticed
it's absence but it didn't directly affect me. I guess there is another
defacto scheme used today. Maybe Rahul would qualify what has been
chosen over cipe for internal use. Plus, Les could use that information.
Having encrypted tunneling was pretty nifty. Ric

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