Re: No sound after last kernel update.

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On Feb 1, 2008 9:59 AM, Stefan Kuhlemann <[email protected]> wrote:
> hackob schrieb:
> > Hi,
> >
> > After last kernel update I have no sound in my pc, I have an Intel
> > AC'97. If I do a lspci I can see the sound card, but in gnome desktop
> > Sound Hardware I only have the PCM output and Modem speaker.
> >
> > Any idea?, tks.
> >
> > Hackob.
> >
> >
> Same problem here.
> After the last kernelupdate - no sound. After some testing i figured
> out, that this is a permission-problem (with root I had sound).
> chmod 666 /dev/dsp
> and
> chmod 666 /dev/mixer
> gives me back the sound when working as normal user.
> Sadly, I have to set those permissions after every reboot.... *grrrr*
> Also:
> chgrp'ing the /dev/dps and /dev/mixer to 'users' (being with my account
> in the group useres of course) and chmod'ing them to 660 didn't help.....
> So...
> - How could I set /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer to '666-permission' permanent?

udev should be doing this.  I guess you could just hack the chmod into
/etc/rc.local as a temporary workaround.

> - And is there a possible security-risk in doing so?

other than having random users pushing stuff to your speakers, i doubt it.

L. Friedman                                    [email protected]

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