Re: How to remove folders from desktop in FC8?

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wob wrote:
> I'm a new user on Fedora 8, and I noticed that it put severything in
> my home directory on the desktop. Is there a way to disable this
> behavior? I googled for days and couldn't find a thing.

There is a file created when you login (~/.config/user-dirs.dirs) that
contains the paths to a few of the standard user folders (Desktop,
Documents, Pictures, etc).  Take a look at that file and see what
XDG_DESKTOP_DIR is set to.  The default is $HOME/Desktop.  If that
doesn't exist, then I believe the fallback is to use $HOME.  So,
perhaps you've got the wrong setting in the user-dirs.dirs file, or
~/Desktop doesn't exist (or has strange permissions)?

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