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Timothy Murphy wrote:
max wrote:

The HCL lists most of the compatible chipsets.
Please don't use acronyms unless you are sure
that at least 90% of your readers will know what you mean.
HCL= Hardware Compatibility List

Every OS(Operating System ) has one or most do anyway. If your looking
for a WiFi (wireless) card or any hardware for that then you should
consult the HCL before purchasing if you want to ensure little or no
issues. Having said that not every HCL is up to date but often you can
glean important clues from the HCL based on what's listed and how its
supported, chipset etc...

Where is _the_ HCL for Fedora-8?
If you know then surely it would be better to give the URL
rather than glibly telling people to "consult the HCL".

As far as I can see, the HCL you are advising people to consult
does not actually exist:
"This page does not exist yet".
The only reference I could find to "Fedora HCL"
said it had not been updated since 2005,
which would make it more or less useless, I imagine.

Find a RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) HCL and you'll have a good idea of what's supported.


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