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Timothy Murphy wrote:
| max wrote:
|>>> The HCL lists most of the compatible chipsets.
|>> HCL?
|>> Please don't use acronyms unless you are sure
|>> that at least 90% of your readers will know what you mean.
|> HCL= Hardware Compatibility List
|> Every OS(Operating System ) has one or most do anyway. If your looking
|> for a WiFi (wireless) card or any hardware for that then you should
|> consult the HCL before purchasing if you want to ensure little or no
|> issues. Having said that not every HCL is up to date but often you can
|> glean important clues from the HCL based on what's listed and how its
|> supported, chipset etc...
| Where is _the_ HCL for Fedora-8?
| If you know then surely it would be better to give the URL
| rather than glibly telling people to "consult the HCL".
| As far as I can see, the HCL you are advising people to consult
| does not actually exist:
| "This page does not exist yet".
| The only reference I could find to "Fedora HCL"
| said it had not been updated since 2005,
| which would make it more or less useless, I imagine.

Found by entering   Linux hardware compatibility list   in Google. First
hit on the page. It took about 10 seconds. Tops.

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~  David
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