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Steve Lindemann said the following on 01/25/2008 09:04 AM Pacific Time:
Bjorge Solli wrote:
1. is there a shortcut to enable/disable full headers?
2. the headers go beyond my screen resolution, how can I see them all/scroll?
Bjørge Solli

for keyboard folks it's <CTRL-U>    or View->Message Source

or View->Headers->All  and View->Headers->Normal

for mousers... add a button

CTRL-U gives you the best and quickest view of the full message, including the headers.
My quick cheat if you can't see the entire header because it scrolls for
ever is to click "forward" as if you're going to forward the message...
then you can copy/paste and view in a manageable way. After you are
done throw the window away.

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