Re: Loop FS help please.

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John Summerfield wrote:
Tim Evans wrote:
[email protected] wrote:

to get it right.
mount -o ro,loop /path/to/iso /path/to/mount-point

This man wins the prize!

Advances users might try something like this:

09:42 [[email protected] ~]$ cat /etc/auto.misc | egrep '^[a-z]'
cd              -fstype=iso9660,ro,nosuid,nodev :/dev/cdrom
js    ns:/home/users/summer
usbdisk :/dev/sda1
fc6-src-1 -fstype=auto,ro,loop,nosuid,nodev :/net/ns/var/local/mirrors/linux/Fedora/6/source/FC-6-SRPMS-disc1.iso fc6-src-2 -fstype=auto,ro,loop,nosuid,nodev :/net/ns/var/local/mirrors/linux/Fedora/6/source/FC-6-SRPMS-disc2.iso fc6-src-3 -fstype=auto,ro,loop,nosuid,nodev :/net/ns/var/local/mirrors/linux/Fedora/6/source/FC-6-SRPMS-disc3.iso fc6-src-4 -fstype=auto,ro,loop,nosuid,nodev :/net/ns/var/local/mirrors/linux/Fedora/6/source/FC-6-SRPMS-disc4.iso
09:42 [[email protected] ~]$ rpm -qf /etc/auto.misc

Beware of linewrap.
Note that these specific examples require that /etc/auto.master enables /etc/
Putting an entry in /etc/fstab works too, and properly crafted does not
require a user to be root.



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