Re: yum update...any way to have it download multiple packages at once?

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On Jan 22, 2008 3:20 PM, Kevin Martin <[email protected]> wrote:
When using Yum to update a system, is there any way to tell yum to download more than one package at a time?  If, say, there are
15-20 packages to update, it would be nice if yum could do the download asynchronously instead of synchronously and then, once all
of the downloads are done, install the packages in the appropriate fashion.  If yum can't do that are there any other updaters for
Fedora that can?


Kevin Martin

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I think you mean you would like the packages downloaded in parallel instead of sequentially. It could probably be done with a yum plugin and it would probably be a good idea to specify a maximum number of simultaneous downloads.


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