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Les wrote:
On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 15:46 -0600, Frank Cox wrote:
On Mon, 21 Jan 2008 22:43:02 +0100
François Patte <[email protected]> wrote:

Why don't simply ignore them when they are stupid?
I think it's because everyone wants to be as helpful as possible.  There are a
lot of very nice folks who inhabit this mailing list, and everyone tries to do
the best they can to assist everyone who needs a hand.

Also if Karl doesn't get it, there will be other much more timid folk
who also don't get it.  When the answer that Karl understands is added
to the archives, more people benefit than Karl.  I know this from years
of teaching people complex topics in Test Engineering.  I could tell you
some good stories about some classes, but those people were also serious
about learning.  Better to have helped them than to upset them or tease
them.  In turn they helped their friends and their company.  They become
better thought of, the company's profit increases, and everyone is a
winner. Not hard, just hard to keep your composure sometimes.
	I often had to think of EX wife #2 who was Korean.
   What nationality was wife #1? I am still happy with #1.

  When people would
talk to her in the early stages of her arrival to the US, and she didn't
understand them, they would move closer and repeat the same thing louder
and slower.  It didn't help.  she could hear very well, was well
educated, talented and capable woman.  She wasn't deaf, she didn't
understand English.
	All of the information about the OS is similar to speaking English to
someone who is Korean.  If they don't understand, shouting, name calling
or posting the same references over and over doesn't accomplish anything
and just reflects that we (all of us) sometimes have difficulty
communicating, both reading and listening.  Speaking and typing we do
really well, but not well coupled to understanding sometimes.

Les H

A person who got a PHd in EE in 1964 is not well versed in computers since there were very few. I started my business and it was me and a Secretary and my hand written papers had to be corrected for my terrible spelling and sent on to the Customer. Funny, but my Doctoral project was proving that tri-state logic is required between the kernel and memory.
 The Company developed Cryostat's and detector arrays. They were
bought and when they worked I sold the patents for real money. The 8
other people shared in the money and I closed it.

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