KDE logout/shutdown problem

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This problem has been plaguing my system since fedora 8 came out and despite 
loading all of the updates as they appear, it has not stopped.

When I log out of a KDE session (not gnome, however), the logout process 
begins and the screen turns black (normal, before gdm runs), but then it just 
hangs there, with the mouse pointer still on the screen. I am not able to 
return to the hanging X session and the only way to get out of the hang is to 
type ctrl-alt-backspace. This does not get me to gdm, however, but to the 
command line login prompt. I have no choice but to log in and run shutdown -h 
now. This happens about 90% of the time.

I thought the problem might be kpowersomethingorother, so I disabled that. I 
also tried using kdm instead of gdm, but kdm will not run, even though I 
create the sysconfig/desktop file with the proper options.

I don´t mind using gdm, but the logout problem is a nuisance. The problem 
persists, no matter whether I choose stop the computer, log out or reboot the 
computer. It is always the black screen with the pointer still there, about 
90% of the time.

Any suggestions?

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