Re: I just wanted to burn a CD from a .iso

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On Jan 18, 2008 5:50 PM, D. Hugh Redelmeier <[email protected]> wrote:
Another mystery: what is wodim?  That one is easy: wodim is a fork of
cdrecord.  So I was actually using wodim.

OK, what does "wodim --devices" say?
       Segmentation fault
"man wodim" says this:
       "because certain versions of Linux (kernel) limit
       the set of SCSI commands allowed for non-root users.  Even  if  usage  without
       root  identity  is possible in many cases, some device drivers still may fail,
       show unexplainable problems and generally the problems become harder to debug.
       The  risk  for  buffer-underruns is also increased"
could that be a hint?

could it be that the drive just went belly up?
I can't remember where and when I read that some drives break
when used in certain scenarios. I may be wrong.


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