Re: Bouncing closer to a solution?

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On Wed, 2008-01-09 at 11:33 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> Simon Slater wrote:
> > 	Thanks to everyone who advised me last year. I've been working on those
> > workarounds (slowly).  Still, I'm someone who always asks "Why is it
> > so?"  Does this extra info help identify where the block is?  If it is
> > me, how do I clear the blockage?
> Looking at your incoming message the following headers can be seen:
> X-Mailer: Evolution (
This is the Evolution version running here.
> X-BitDefender-Scanner: Clean, Agent: BitDefender POSTFIX 1.6.2 on
>   vfep05
> I believe vfep05 is really and has address 
That connection had my remote address as
from /var/log/messages.  Whois has both in the same range for the ISP.
> So, while you are not running BitDefender (and I'd be surprised if you did 
> since you'd have to buy it and I think you'd know if you did that) it is 
> your ISP that is running it.
Shouldn't they know what their own software is?  Maybe the section they
passed the passed the question to will know more.
> Good luck....

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