HP restore clobers grub

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Hi, everyone,
	I did get the a810n system loaded and apparently working, just an
occasional hang, and others are seeing that, so we will probably get
that sorted.  My next problem is that HP put something in the windows XP
stuff that keeps wanting to "restore" the system, which in turn clobbers
grub.  My best guess is that it wants XP to be the primary hard drive
(HDO).  But I wanted it to be secondary, and I don't want grub
clobbered.  A web search has not given me any useful information.  The
HP website indicated something about removing the restore partition, but
without removing the offending bit that clobbers the boot, how would
removing a restore partition fix the problem without clobbering the
windows reboot?  Anyway, the suggestion to remove the partition seemed
oriented toward reclaiming the diskspace, which is not my issue.

	So, has anyone run into this, and what was the solution?

Les H

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