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Stewart Williams wrote:
John Summerfield wrote:
Do you have regular performance reviews?
No, we don't.

Ask your boss for a time to discuss your future as an employee:-)

hava a plan to show how the training would improve your skills and benefit the organisation, and emportantly, help The Boss get his job done.

If so, that would be a good time to build a case that it would be of mutual benefit for you to become a RHCE or similar, and btw there are these fine courses....

Face to face training is hard to beat when you can get it, especially off-site and sans phone.
Becoming a RHCE is something I was looking to do in the future, or at least RHCT.

And if you want to run Windows, Debian, Ubuntu and Solaris all at once?
Yes, I know this is only a possibility with Virtualisation or multiple PC's.

I have too many computers, and run or maintain Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora 5 & 8, WBEL4, Centos4, Scientific Linux 5 and opensuse 10.2. I'm about to reduce Ubuntu by one and (probably) C5 by one.
Blimey! I thought I had too many with 3. Do you run them all at once? I bet you don't need to heat your house :-)

It was about 40 yesterday, without heating.

Thanks for your advice John. You have definitely given me some things to think about.

btw I think CentOS needs help building CentOS5 for IBM's zSeries. You could download Hercules and run CentOS 3 in it. (apt-get install hercules on Debian, yum install hercules on recent Fedora). Have a play, join the hercules and linux-390 lists to ask questions.

If you think you're interested, ask on the centos developer list for anyone else doing it (there might be) and for advice and guidance.

Hercules is an IBM mainframe emulator. It can run current IBM operating systems (though getting a licence is a challenge), old IBM operating systems (MVS 3.8 and maybe others from the 70s is a download away), and any of these distros that I know of:
RHEL & Centos
SLE{D,S} - evaluation licence of SLES is available foc
Debian (as you'd expect)

Once you get yourself organised, you can probably get use of a virtual zSeries FOC from IBM. You could get preliminary info on the linux-390 list.



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