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On Jan 4, 2008 11:02 AM, Mr.Scrooge <maximilian_bianco@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Cool. thanks for the info. I have heard many conflicting reports and different things about
> different models from the same company. Most companies will say they do not support linux but that
> doesn't tell if it will work well or not.
> -Max
My sandisk e280 works awesome with Linux.  Just drop the mp3 files on
there, no trouble. Software on the device reads all the mp3 tags, can
playback by Genre, Artist, Album,  or random.  I've tried this several
sandisk systems, all fine. Gave one to wife, still remain married

I also have the Nokia N800 internet tablet, which others here have
recommended in this thread.  Unless you want to buy a big pain in the
ass along with your mp3 player, go a different direction.  If you like
pains in the ass, and usage of Linux may (often does) signify that you
do, then the N800 may be for you.  The price has dropped from 450 into
the 200s range, so if you can find one, you may not want to shoot
yourself later.  But I'd warn you this.  If you think Linux on a full
sized PC can be a hassle and help hard to come by, you will see a
whole new level of aggravation.

Lately I've ordered little fake Apple shuffles from Ebay.  Worked just
like other mp3 players that are advertised as "flash memory devices".
You just plug into USB and Linux sees it as mass storage, and you can
drop directories & songs on the device.  On ebay, search "Shuffle MP3"
and you'll see what I mean.  They look quite a bit like Shuffle 2nd
generation, but they say say "this is not an Apple product".  If you
look carefully, you find ones that are actually made of aluminum and
all promise the authentic Samsung memory, same as Apple.  They don't
actually shuffle the mp3s, they just play in order that you copy them
on there.  That's the only downside I've found.  (Amarok can shuffle a
playlist before copying.) The auction price seems to be about $10 per
gigabyte of storage, plus shipping.

Paul E. Johnson

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