Re: Ralink 2500 chipset based pcmcia wireless card

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Le jeudi 03 janvier 2008 à 21:23 +0000, Ivan Virgili a écrit :
> I have just got hold of a GIGABYTE WMKG Wireless Notebook PCMCIA 
> Adapter. I installed the Ralink firmware on F8, restarted my laptop and 
> the card was recognised and started working immediately.
> I now have got the following problems (one is really minor):
> - the card is set to 1 Mb/s when the computer starts and I have to 
> manually run "iwconfig wlan1 rate 54M" to get the full speed.
> How can set that permanently? Which file do I need to work on?
> I had a look around (Google, my Fedora installation, etc.), but I did 
> not find a solution.
> - the network adapter shows the power led always on (fine), but the link 
> led does not flash. It does work, because it goes on for one split of a 
> second when the card is "started". This is not a huge issue, but I would 
> like to figure out how to make it work.
> Thank you,
Maybe it's the same problem 

For the power led : bugzilla.


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