Re: F8 installation in external usb disk (not USB key)

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Miguel Blanco wrote:
> Yes, you are rigth about the standard install and the BIOS drives remaps!
> I tried configuring GRUB in the MBR of the external disk, and the procedure
> described in the refered paper failed at the last point, ie. the kernel output
> a lot of errors and failed to boot...
> Thanks for your comments!
> Regards,
> Miguel.
If you get to the point where the kernel loads, and produces errors,
then the problem is ether in /etc/fstab or in /boot/grub/grub.conf.
Without knowing the errors, it is hard to tell. It probably is a
problem with the root device passed to the kernel from Grub. If you
are not using LVM, then the root device is probably something like
/dev/sdb5 and needs to be changed to /dev/sda5. (The 5 may not be
correct.) You may need to do the same thing in /etc/fstab. The
reason for this is that the usb_storage module is loaded from
initrd, so it becomes the first SCSI controller.

A better way to handle it is to give all the partitions on the USB
drive labels, and use the labels instead of the device names. That
way, it does not matter what drive letter is assigned to the drive.


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